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If you lose your car keys, we can offer comprehensive service so that the client does not have to take care of anything. We open the vehicle and make keys. Since modern cars are equipped with an immobilizer, protected by secret access codes necessary to register new keys and cancel the old ones in the car system, we have the latest diagnostic devices. In most cases, we use original keys. Even though we are able to work with 98 per cent of cars, we cannot manage everything. With the development and improvement of automotive industry, we strive to develop ourselves as well, to be able to provide our clients with ever better-quality services.

We open cars through the lock. Even though blinding locks is common nowadays, it is necessary to bear in mind that most modern cars are equipped with safe central and safe lock protection, which means the car cannot be opened otherwise that through the key if the battery is discharged or the keys are left shut in the car. Car producers themselves are aware of this problem, so they leave at least one hidden service lock for opening the car mechanically even with cars equipped with keyless opening.